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Henry Basheija

Technical Proficiencies 

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Sun OS

Tools: CC++; Java; Assembler: x86, SPARC, PDP-11, T154XX; JavaScript, Perl, c-shell, bash, makefiles; MS Visual Studio/Embedded VS/ Platform Builder; Sun/Intel/Texas Instruments/ GNU Optimizing Compilers; MySQL; gdb; VTune; DirectX, OpenGL, OpenML, DirectShow, Gstreamer etc

Areas of Expertise

  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Research & Development
  • Project/Team Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Artificial Interlligence
  • Algorithm Design & Development
  • Multiplatform Integration
Research Unit: National Banana Research Program
Designation: Research Officer
Qualification: Master's Degree
Research Interest:
  • Bioinformatics & Data Mining
  • Efficient Networks
  • Lab automation
  • ICT in agriculture
  • Web Based Research Mapping and Analysis
Telephone: +256-414-567649
Working with Instiute since:: 2010-01-04 18:28:42


To be a centre of excellence generating and promoting appropriate agricultural technologies


To generate and promote agricultural technologies and improve productivity, value addition, income and food security


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