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Wasswa Mulumba

Dr. John Mulumba Wasswa is a Senior Principal Research Officer and the Curator of the Plant Genetic Resources Centre which comprises the Entebbe Botanic Gardens and the Uganda National Genebank. He is Uganda’s delegate to the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA) and Uganda’s Focal Point for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture which are two fora that drive the international agenda on PGRFA. He holds a PhD in Botany of Makerere University, A MSc. from The University of Birmingham, and BSc. from Makerere University.

Research Unit: Biodiversity & Biotechnology Program
Designation: Senior Principal Research Officer
Qualification: PhD
  • Mulumba, J. Wasswa, and E. Kakudidi. "Numerical taxonomic study of Acacia senegal (Fabaceae) in the cattle corridor of Uganda." South African Journal of Botany 76.2 (2010): 272-278.
  • Mulumba, John Wasswa, and Esezah Kakudidi. "Infraspecific delimitation of Acacia senegal (Fabaceae) in Uganda." American Journal of Plant Sciences2.03 (2011): 345.
  • Wasswa, Mulumba John, et al. "30 Uganda." Community Seed Banks: Origins, Evolution and Prospects (2015): 165.
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