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Geoffrey Arinaitwe

Research Unit: NBRP
Designation: Program Leader
Qualification: PhD
  • Kovács, Gabriella, László Sági, Géraldine Jacon, Geofrey Arinaitwe, Jean-Pierre Busogoro, Els Thiry, Hannelore Strosse, Rony Swennen, and Serge Remy. "Expression of a rice chitinase gene in transgenic banana (‘Gros Michel’, AAA genome group) confers resistance to black leaf streak disease." Transgenic research 22, no. 1 (2013): 117-130.
  • Bresnahan, Kara A., Sara A. Arscott, Harjeet Khanna, Geofrey Arinaitwe, James Dale, Wilberforce Tushemereirwe, Stephanie Mondloch, Jacob P. Tanumihardjo, Fabiana F. De Moura, and Sherry A. Tanumihardjo. "Cooking enhances but the degree of ripeness does not affect provitamin A carotenoid bioavailability from bananas in Mongolian gerbils." The Journal of nutrition 142, no. 12 (2012): 2097-2104.
  • Arinaitwe, Geofrey. "An improved Agrobacterium-mediated transformation method for banana and plantain (Musa spp.)." (2008).
  • Kiggundu, A., G. Arinaitwe, W. Tushemereirwe, F. A. Shotkoski, and L. Tripathi. "Role of biotechnology and transgenics in bananas (Musa Spp.) in Africa." In IV International Symposium on Banana: International Conference on Banana and Plantain in Africa: Harnessing International 879, pp. 275-279. 2008.
  • Sadik, Kassim, Geofrey Arinaitwe, Patrick R. Rubaihayo, and Settumba B. Mukasa. "TDZ and 4-CPPU Induce Embryogenic Response on Scalps of Recalcitrant East African Highland Banana." Journal of Agricultural Science 7, no. 8 (2015): 215.
Research Interest:
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Banana Breeding
  • MAS
  • Agribusiness
Telephone: +256-414-567649
Working with Instiute since:: 2010-01-04 18:28:42


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To generate and promote agricultural technologies and improve productivity, value addition, income and food security


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