The "New" NARO is an apex body created by the Act of Parliament in 2005 to coordinate, guide and oversee all aspects of agricultural research in Uganda.
  • It places emphasises on institutional arrangements that ensure increased responsiveness to farmer needs.
  • It has a Governing Council comprising 16 members drawn from the private sector, civil society organisations, universities, farmer groups and public research institutions to provide guidance and approve priorities and funding.
  • Through its secretariat based in Entebbe, it guides and coordinates publicly funded agricultural research activities undertaken by both public and private research service providers.
  • The bulk of public funding is in the form of grants and loans from development partners and the Government.
  • It is headed by a Director General and deputised by both the Director Research Coordination (DRC) and Director Quality Assurance (DQA).
  • It has newly appointed Directors and Chairpersons of Management Committees for the Public Agricultural Research Institutes (PARIs).
  • It has Agricultural Research Competitive Grant Scheme (CGS) for both public and Non Public Agricultural Research Institutions (PARIs).
  • Both public and Non PARIs are involved in the provision of agricultural research services.
  • There is an established agricultural research forum for both public and Non PARIs.
  • There is a clear separation between funding and management of agricultural research activities.
  • The Public Agricultural Research Institutions (PARIs) are established as semi - autonomous bodies with powers to sue and be sued in their own rights.


To be a centre of excellence generating and promoting appropriate agricultural technologies


To generate and promote agricultural technologies and improve productivity, value addition, income and food security

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