• Bioprospecting the potential of our indigenous species in response to developing technological options responding to market demands and opportunities. Develop mutually beneficial Public/private partnership in this respect
  • Continue work on enhancing management and sustainable utilization of PGR. This includes:
  • Collect and maintain stocks of diverse plant Germplasm
  • Develop appropriate conservation/utilization protocols/approaches (ex-situ and in-situ)
  • Undertake genetic diversity studies
  • Avail information and germplasm to users
  • To conserve crop genetic diversity in ways that increase food security and improve ecosystem health on-farm
  • Work with local communities to enhancing management and sustainable utilization of PGR, especially to establish community genebanks
  • Characterization and genetic base broadening especially of crop species.
  • Use molecular tools where possible
  • Conduct studies on seed behavior.


To be a centre of excellence generating and promoting appropriate agricultural technologies


To generate and promote agricultural technologies and improve productivity, value addition, income and food security


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