Library collection
Monographs, Serials, Reference books, maps, annual reports, extension materials (in print, video), CD-ROMs and on-line journals and links to databases of the CGIAR resources and other relevant resources available on the Internet.
Online resources
ARIS has free access to on-line agricultural information and knowledge through:
  • The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP); and their Program for Enhancement of Research Information (PERI).
  • PERI which supports information delivery, dissemination of national and regional research results, enhancement of lCT skills and strengthening of local publishing and journals on line.PERI includes: Over 7,500 full text online journals, Many of the world's leading citation bibliographic and reference databases,AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) is FAO's initiative to provide free or low-cost access to major scientific journals in agriculture and related biological, environmental and social sciences.
To access free resources on INASP and AGORA, NARO scientists are provided with passwords.
TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library): This is a collection of170 titles of full text essential journals on CD-ROM from 1993-2004. The TEEAL Index is currently installed on computers in the NARO system and is updated annually. Anew product,LANTEEAL (TEEAL usable on local Area Network) is now available to TEEAL users
The fields covered include:
Crops sciences, animal sciences (livestock, fisheries and aquaculture), forestry, biotechnology, agricultural engineering and appropriate technology, soils sciences and agricultural economics, agricultural extension, gender and other related fields.
Besides, ARIS library, NARO institutes also have specialized libraries serving their mandates.


To be a centre of excellence generating and promoting appropriate agricultural technologies


To generate and promote agricultural technologies and improve productivity, value addition, income and food security


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